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Adrianna Papell dresses are made for the refined, classy woman with a highly developed fashion sense. Since its founding in 1979, the Adrianna Papell company has been making dresses that appeal to women’s affinities for over 30 years. Even the most sophisticated and discriminating woman will fall in love with the timeless designs of this beautiful evening-wear brand.

The designers who create the fabulous Adrianna Papell dresses know exactly what understated glamour is all about. Bright, gaudy colors and showy showers of rhinestones aren’t what is needed to steal the show. Instead, delicate details, rich fabrics, and flatteringly feminine shapes make up the perfect formula for spotlight-stealing beauty. The violet Tiered Floor Length Gown features a waterfall of subtly scalloped, sheer cuts of fabric and beautifully coy embellishments on the soft mesh sleeves. Attract all of the right attention with the radiant warmth of the dramatic Floor Length Dotted Sweetheart Cut Gown. Its gold metallic adornments and vintage brooch give it a brilliance that will light you up with radiance. The Spaghetti Strapped Gown with Sequin Details is another example of a glamorous but tasteful Adrianna Papell dress that uses the wearer’s femininity to grab attention, not a slew of distracting baubles.

Make all others stare in awe at your effortless beauty when they see you in the cascading fabric of the Adrianna Papell Iridescent Tiered Chiffon Petal Dress. You will look as soft and alluring as a newly bloomed flower when you slip into this pine gown. Keep the accents minimal. A subtle pair of earrings or a sparkling ring is all you need. The loveliness of you in this gown will not be out-done by anything or anyone.

The Adrianna Papell evening collection also boasts a multitude of shorter, more casual dresses for those who want to save the drama of a long evening gown for another time. Perfectly tailored to fit your body with an elegance that is normally only found in the most expensive couture, these dresses are irresistibly charming. For a prim and proper look that is the epitome of class, try the neutral and sexy Cocktail Wear with Bolero Type Shoulders. For fabric with a bit more shine, go with the smoky gray Adrianna Papell Pencil Skirt Dress with Ruffled Short Jacket. Every woman who lays eyes on you will be burning with envy when they see how chic and graceful you look in these impeccably styled dresses. The classic little black dress is given a romantic twist in the design of the Lace and Pleated Cocktail Wear by Adrianna Papell. If you are looking for an easy, whimsical piece, look no further than the champagne colored Sleeveless Draped Dress with Side Bow.

Adrianna Papell dresses are made for women who long for affordable luxury when it comes to their evening wear. Only the most sophisticated and refined styles make it into the collection. Made for the woman who takes pride in her appearance and reputation, these gorgeous Adrianna Papell dresses will always guarantee that it is your inpidual beauty and femininity that capture the spotlight. Nothing else. 

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