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The Shimmer by Bari Jay Company is a fashion forward label owned by two sisters with exquisite taste. Their head designer has an impeccable eye for elegance and grace, creating looks that are never gaudy, over-the-top, or gimmicky. The women behind Bari Jay dresses understand that every girl wants it to be their own beauty that really steals the show, not just that of her dress. This collection of Shimmer dresses is characterized by full length, floor-sweeping skirts, dramatic drapes, cool-toned hues, and sparkling accents. No strange cuts or unfeminine geometric shapes, the designer that crafted each Bari Jay dress sought to stick with natural, womanly forms that will flatter any girl. Full skirts and flowing trains of fabric achieve this effect.

Stand out in the seafoam green One Shoulder Ruffle and Bead Dress. This beautiful Bari Jay Shimmer dress has been intricately embellished with rhinestones of countless, light-catching facets. The strategic clustering of these adornments around the bust and in the center of the waist-hugging ruched fabric acts as an instant enhancer of your voluptuous figure. The soft and subtle scallops that run along the edges of the flowing skirt will add a gentleness to your movements that will make it seem as if you are walking on air.

The cobalt and turquoise Strapless Sweetheart Bari Jay Shimmer Gown is the embodiment of pure elegance. Learn all about what understated refinement means by slipping into the svelte form of this stunning Bari Jay dress. The dip of the curved neckline plunges into an adornment of colored jewels, whose mesmerizing sparkle trails downward to the middle slit of the skirt. Sheer turquoise material peeks out from this point and frames your irresistible legs. Leave your hair down and loose with waves to look like a bohemian goddess from the east while wearing this gorgeous gown. Crave even more of an Egyptian inspired style? The aqua colored V Neck Ruched Dress by Bari Jay Shimmer will have make you go down in history as the only young woman who managed to be more glamorous than Queen Cleopatra herself. The tranquil hue is reminiscent of the cool, flowing water of the Nile, while the ornate pattern that lines the skin-bearing V neckline reminds one of the intriguing paintings found in the ancient relics of the pyramids.

Travel farther up North and into the Mediterranean by slipping into the pinely styled Beaded One Shoulder Bari Jay Shimmer Dress. Its Grecian influence is undeniable and beautifully classical. A jewel encrusted neckline and the tempting cutout waist are so alluring that even the pine goddesses Venus and Athena would be envious. This look is effortlessly sexy, just like all Shimmer dresses. Leave your hair in tumbling curls.  Bari Jay Shimmer Dresses are all that you need to look like the iconic, strong female featured in any of the unforgettable Greek epics.

Shimmer prom dresses are made especially for those young women who understand that playing up their natural beauty is the way to garner all of the right attention. Everyone will remember how sensual, lovely, and utterly at ease you were at the prom in your amazing Bari Jay Shimmer dress!

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